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Widget-based Dashboards

Inbuilt Shift Scheduling

Inbuilt Shift Scheduling

Mobile First

Mobile Accessibility

Pre-Planned Over-Time Management

Manage Overtime

Notification and Reminder 

Reminders and Notification

Seamless Attendance Management  

Geotagging and Geofencing

Geotagging and Geofencing

Adaptive Attendance Tracking Options for Your Employees

Integrate multiple attendance capturing methods into our centralized platform by enabling your employees to tag their attendance while working from office, home, or client premises, all within preset geo-fencing limits

Simplify Scheduling for Both Multiple and Single Shifts

Shift Scheduling 

Simplify Scheduling for Both Multiple and Single Shifts

Provide increased visibility for frontline workers regarding their shift allocations and timecards, improving their work planning convenience. Additionally, streamline absenteeism management and ad-hoc shift assignment for their supervisors

Get Real Time Biometric Attendance

Biometric Attendance Tracking 

Seamless Integration of Biometric Attendance Data with Your Dashboard in Real Time

Employees stationed at different office branches can conveniently log their attendance via biometric devices, ensuring automatic synchronization with the central attendance platform. Experience a hassle-free process for capturing attendance

Mobile First Approach

Mobile First  

Accessible Mobile Clock-In and Remote Punch-In Options for Seamless Attendance Management 

Access our mobile app for attendance marking, viewing attendance records, and accessing shift details. Field employees can conveniently manage their timecards directly from their smartphones

Improving Time Management by Automating
Monotonous HR Tasks 

Reports and Analytics

Attendance Reports & Analytics 

View Comprehensive Attendance Data and Insights within One Centralized Dashboard

Utilize an analytics-driven dashboard to drive seamless decision-making in alignment with business objectives

AI in HR

AI in HR

Utilize AI Capabilities for Efficient Attendance Tracking and Management

Maximize efficiency in your daily operations with our AI-enhanced HR platform. Our AI-powered chatbot, Dhruva, swiftly handles employee attendance concerns, elevating the employee support experience

Improving Time Management by Automating Monotonous HR Tasks 

Over Time  

Improving Time Management by Automating Monotonous HR Tasks 

Customize overtime policy configurations and allocate them to employees based on your preferences. Integrate overtime allowances directly with payroll to automate the entire process efficiently

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“Akrivia HCM has been ‘nothing short of transformative’. The user-friendly interface of Akrivia has significantly simplified our HR processes.”

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