Multi-level control to manage, develop, and optimize human capital from a single employee management software.

Dashboard of employee details in Malaysia

Simple and Organized Profiles

Create a functional employee database with a comprehensive employee profile and data management system. Enable real-time visibility by classifying employees as per the functional requirements. Search made easy deploying built-in sorting and filtering feature.
Dashboard of employee documents in Malaysia

Single Source of all Employee Documents

Bulk import employee documents creating seamless data integration with zero data duplication for a flawless experience. Utmost security and transparency with easy retrieval from one place. HR solution with complete control over employee access to self-service portal.
Organizational structure in Malaysia

Flexible organizational structure to suit all of your needs

Build organizational structures to support your hierarchical needs. Designed to accommodate most complex business processes. Bespoke employee data fields serving your unique needs.
Process to add new employee basic information in Malaysia

Position Management

Foster efficacy in hybrid staffing model with job and position management. Align positions to your current and future business needs with employee management system that brings maximum agility.

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Empower Employees

Akrivia HCM's employee management software gives employees the facility to view and update their personal, professional, and financial details on the go. This empowers the employees and thereby reduces the time and burden of HR.

Organizational Chart

Visually navigate through interactive organizational hierarchy charts with ease to view company structure and employee levels. Facilitates a better understanding of the company structure and an employee's placement within the structure.

Digital Signature

Provision to capture digital signatures, thus making the process completely digital and paperless with Akrivia HCM's employee management system.

Real-Time Data Syncing

Data points entered on the platform gets automatically updated across the entire dashboard.

Get Easy Access

Access employee data from any module from your mobile and desktop. Access and update employee data instantly across all modules.

Implement Security

Only authorized users and roles will be allowed to view sensitive employee information through role-based security preventing breach of personal data.

Customize Approval Flows

Tailor the approvals as per the needs of your organization. Configure workflows to mirror your organization's approval processes. Configure approval flows and validate data based on business policies and local legislative requirements.

Implement Self-Service

Configure and control the information that employees can update themselves, give autonomy, make updates more accessible, thus reducing the burden on HR.

Get Notified

View your employee change requests on your home screen when you log in with a real-time notifications system.