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Absenteeism at the workplace is the habitual non-presence of an employee at work, which has become a serious issue for many organizations in recent times.  

Absenteeism is caused due to habitual Absences (staying more days away from the office than what is normally allowed for vacations, illness, and family emergencies). The organization must keep track of employee leaves and frequent absentees through Leave Management Software to identify the Rate of Absenteeism.  

How to decrease the Rate of Absenteeism in the workplace? 

Bring Culture to the Workplace.  Absenteeism happens due to a lack of motivation and Improper work culture. So, it is important to inculcate employee engagement initiatives to foster a better working environment if employees are dissatisfied and don’t change their attitude in line with management’s wishes. 

With Akrivia HCM’s Employee Engagement  Software, HR Managers can conduct anonymous and 1 on 1 meetings with their employees to identify areas of improvement, create a comprehensive employee engagement action plan and  build a people-first culture.  

How to conclude that the employee is the least performer through Absenteeism? 

If employees don’t change their behavior even after implementing an employee engagement  program, they are likely to be considered as the least performing employees. In this case, the HR Managers or the organization will have the power to fire the employee because irregularity at work will probably keep the organization at risk. Organizations don’t want to keep less-performing employees on their payroll.  

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