10 Things That Will Make Your Employees Stay Loyal

10 Things That Will Make Your Employees Stay Loyal

Employee loyalty is one of the biggest factors to determine the organization’s stance in the market. Employee loyalty is majorly defined by the employee’s satisfaction working for a brand. While the factors that determined employee satisfaction were different before the pandemic outbreak, employees seek a different angle to stay loyal to organizations during and post Covid outbreak. 

Employee satisfaction depends on macro circumstances and social trends largely, but amid the pandemic, it is a different ball game. The expectations have turned; the observations are different, and their reasons to accept an organization have changed since. 

So, let’s understand the top 10 things that employees look forward to having in organizations that make them more loyal to the brand. 

Emotional and mental understanding

With lockdowns all over the globe, employees are sulking in front of their laptops and finding it difficult to concentrate on their daily tasks. While the world has acknowledged that mental and emotional wellbeing is a major concern, organizations that are going a step forward to take care of employee’s mental and emotional health are appreciated. 

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Employees look forward to working with organizations that do not promote micromanaging, late working hours, burnouts, and over expectations. 


Flexibility has been one of the major factors of employee satisfaction since ever, but amid the pandemic, employees look for flexibility in performing their everyday tasks. Employees are not just restricted to office hours during the lockdowns, they also take care of their personal chores and mental health. And in times like these, flexibility is all that they need. 

Organizations that consider flexibility as non-productive, is a big NO for the employees and their satisfaction. 

Safer environment

Organizations are slowly opening up and employees are moving out of their homes to attend offices. While there all types of employees who either are loving to work from the office, or are still working from home, they expect the organization to provide them a safer environment to work in. 

Organizations must make a move to make the employees feel comfortable, safer, taken care of, and protected by providing commute options, a cleaner pantry, and separated work hours or days. 

Perks and rewards

What is the one thing that excited employees when people were scared and forced at their homes because of the pandemic? 

The abrupt calls from their HRs regarding the deliveries of gifts, or perks. 

Perks and rewards are always exciting for employees. It brings that incomparable smile to their faces, however, during the lockdowns, perks and rewards have played the biggest role in employee’s lives to feel closer to their organization and colleagues.

Organizations that withheld buying engaging gifts for their employees are less appreciated leading to higher attrition. 


The pandemic outbreak was brutal for many employees who ended up losing their jobs abruptly. While employees understand that cost-cutting measures were being implemented by the organizations worldwide, it is difficult for employees to understand who were laid off. 

If employees are performing as per the standards, then laying them off because of cost-cutting is a lesser justified reason. Employees performance management who are transparent and understanding, thus helping to maintain a better relationship. 

Health benefits

Employees were scared during the pandemic outbreak, and all they cared about were the heavy hospital bills if in any case they were infected by the virus. Providing health benefits is a smarter way to win employee’s loyalty by assuring them of the benefits they derive from your schemes. 

Organizations that take a step forward in providing free yoga sessions, mental health days, dental camps are appreciated and leave a positive footnote behind. 

Company culture

With work from home culture, the organization’s culture is an important aspect to rate upon. Maintaining a positive company culture is as important as performing daily office tasks. A positive company culture, exposes employees to various subordinates and their strengths. 

Many employees find satisfaction in company culture and if that is not maintained properly, employees shun the organization away. 

Financial stability

While many employees had to lose their jobs, there were organizations fighting for their financial wellbeing. Many employees amid the pandemic underwent major salary cuts and faced issues in dealing with their monthly expenses and medical bills. 

Financial stability is no doubt a top priority for employees, their satisfaction, and their loyalty. 

Leave policies

Amid the pandemic, many organizations implemented a mental health day leave for all employees once every month. Similarly, there were organizations that implemented period leaves and gave women an extra day off. These were some bold moves that made these organizations set a milestone in the industry. 

If you are an organization trying to earn your employee’s loyalty, give them that break they long deserve and more!


Millennials are the workforce of today, and they are very keen on working with organizations that are sustainable, enthusiastic, help the community, take part in social activities, build their right brand, and attract new talents. 

If you are a sustainable organization, rest assured, employees are yours!


An organization is never the founders, but its employees, supporters, janitors, and everybody else. If you are looking to increase your employees’ loyalty towards your dream, then you have to give your employees the wings to fly and freedom to brawl. So that It will enhance the employee engagement in workplace.

The more you restrict your employees, the less they will be happy. Hoping that you will soon implement the above tips to get your employees’ loyalty and see them happy as ever. 

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