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Resignation refers to the act of voluntarily leaving a job or position. It is a formal and official way of ending an employment relationship with an organization or employer. An employee can initiate resignation for various reasons, such as personal reasons, career growth, or dissatisfaction with the job. 

What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a formal letter submitted by an employee to their employer informing them of their intention to leave their current position. The letter typically includes the employee’s last day of work and can briefly explain their departure. Providing a resignation letter to the employer is considered a professional courtesy as it allows for a smoother transition and maintains a positive relationship between the employer and employee. A resignation letter can be delivered in person, via email, or postal mail and should be polite and professional in tone.

How should an organization deal with employee resignation?

When an employee resigns, an organization should handle the situation professionally and carefully. Here are some steps an organization can take to deal with employee resignation:

  1. Accept the resignation: First and foremost, the organization should formally accept the employee’s resignation in writing. It is important to acknowledge the employee’s decision to resign and thank them for their service to the company.
  2. Conduct an exit interview: An organization must conduct an exit interview with the employee to determine the reasons for their departure. This information can be valuable in identifying areas for improvement within the organization and retaining other employees.
  3. Plan for the transition: The organization should transition employees’ responsibilities to other employees or a replacement. This will ensure that there is no disruption to the organization’s operations.
  4. Communicate the departure: The organization should communicate the employee’s departure to other employees professionally and respectfully. This will prevent rumors and speculation about the employee’s departure and maintain a positive workplace culture.
  5. Address legal and administrative issues: The organization should address any legal or administrative issues related to the employee’s departure, such as finalizing pay and benefits, collecting company property, and returning access to company systems.

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