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What is a muster roll?

Muster Roll is a document used in workplaces to maintain a record of the employees present at a given time. The HR department maintains the muster roll and lists the name, designation, and time of arrival & departure of all employees. It is used to monitor the employees’ attendance and can also act as proof of a record of salary payments, overtime and employee leave. It is an important register that helps the organization maintain a systematic employee record.


  • Verifies employee attendance: This helps employers ensure that employees show up for work as required.
  • Helps in payroll calculations: It is an important document for payroll management as it helps employers accurately calculate the wages of employees based on the number of days they have worked.
  • Improved Accountability: Muster rolls clearly record who was present and absent at any given time. This helps employers hold employees accountable for their attendance, leading to better performance. 
  • Easier Scheduling: It make it easier for employers to check who is on the job, allowing them to adjust schedules accordingly.

Important information present on a muster roll

  • Employee names
  • Employee job titles
  • Employee start dates
  • Employee department 
  • Employee attendance records 
  • Employee vacation and sick days taken 
  • Employee termination dates (if applicable) 
  • Emergency Contact Information

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