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When you use tangible facts and numeri’s to support your requitement decisions, from selecting candidates to building recruitment strategies, you’re doing data-driven recruiting. Data-driven recruiting groups are more likely to be efficient, save money, and improve their hiring.
By incorporating data into your hiring process, you may improve the quality of your hires. You can also benefit from data-driven recruiting if you do the following:

Make a budget for yourself:

Track source of hire, for example, to see which recruiting channels bring in the most qualified prospects and spend your budget effectively.

Boost efficiency and productivity:

Track how many emails your hiring team members exchange with candidates, for example, to discover if there are any specific stages where you can reduce your time-to-hire.

Investigate difficulties with hiring:

Examine your application form conversion rates, for example, to see whether you need to make changes to your queries or revamp your website. Look at candidate demographics to know if you unintentionally discriminate against protected groups.

Your hiring should be benchmarked and forecasted:

Recruiting yield ratios, for example, can show you how many applications you’ll need to make a single hire. Consider sourcing or re-advertising the position if you have received too few applications.

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