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It is a period away from one’s job by choice. Employees might choose to take a career break for many reasons, including family, health, personal, professional development, and more. A career break can be positive for employees focused on work-life balance, those wishing to explore new interests, those looking to pursue higher education, or those who want a break from their jobs. Some companies offer career breaks as a benefit to their employees; others do not.

To take a career break, an employee agrees not to work for an agreed length. The employee taking a career break can be family-related, health-related, personal, or professional. The duration of a career break is usually less than a sabbatical. Companies may offer various policies for allowing employees to take career breaks. Sabbatical is a period away from work, during which employees can gain new skills and perspectives while preserving their professional contacts.

Benefits of taking a career break:

  • A lot of time to start something new.
  • You can change your career path.
  • Learn some new skills.
  • Profession network expansion.
  • Give attention to your personal life.

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