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The C-suite designates a category of an organization’s most important and top-level senior executives. The C in C-suite stands for Chief, and the term designates a wide range of executive roles that can directly impact the organization’s success. These positions are held by high-level executives who work according to the company’s goal and ensure that they will take all the steps to benefit the organization. The most common C-suite executive job titles are; CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CMO, and CHRO.

Since the C-level executives focus on strategies, they are customer-focused, meaning they understand the customer’s point of view and match it with corporate goals and objectives. They use market research to determine what products are needed and how they should be positioned to customers. The department is also concerned with efficiency, ensuring that all aspects of the company’s operations are running smoothly. These executives tend to excel at communicating effectively across departments by applying what is known about each department for the plan to succeed.

Essential skills needed to become C- level executives:

    • Strategic decision making
    • Change management
    • Leadership quality
    • Team building
    • Risk Management
    • Critical Thinking

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