The Backup Server is a server that backs up data, files, folders, databases, and hard drives on an on-premise or remote server/network. It prevents the loss of data in situations like disasters and technical failures. This particular type of server is made to back up important files in real-time and on a scheduled basis. It is typically found on-site at a company on a local area network or very close to the original servers/servers that it backs up.

The primary role of a backup server is to protect vital data from the effects of hardware failures, software failures, technical failures, and user errors. Hardware failures could include a hard drive’s loss of functioning capacities or burning out of circuits. Software failures might be an operating system (OS) or application problem that is crucial to your network’s smooth running and connected devices. Technical failures can affect internet connectivity, power supply, the internet backbone, etc. And finally, user mistakes are based on negligence and could result in irreversible losses for businesses and home users alike.

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