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Background Verification is an investigation that can be done to verify the background details about the person who is going to be employed by any organization, either in the Government or private sector. It includes their educational information, almost all the records of their previous employment, and even any criminal record. The best part of this service is that it is provided by the world’s most advanced technology to author their professionals. They are known as Professional Investigators.

How Does Employment Background Verification Work?

Employment background verification is a process used to confirm and validate the background of potential employees of a company or an organization. It is a part of the employment screening process. Therefore, it plays an essential role in ensuring that individual applicants are suitable for a position and possess legal and moral integrity.

List the 6 types of background verification for new hires?

The 6 most common types of background verification for new hires are:
1. Education Verification
2. Drug Screening
3. Employment and Job Title Verification
4. Social Media Search
5. Professional License Search
6. Criminal Record

What is background verification?

Background verification is a process of checking the background information of an individual. Before the person can be employed in any organization or company, they must undergo background verification. This is done to ensure that the candidate has no criminal records or has not been involved in any financial or family disputes.

What makes a background check fail?

The main factors that can lead to a candidate’s background check failing are:
1. Qualifications that do not match the criteria (could be about the job
2. Experience or about the educational status)
3. Criminal record Poor credit score/ financial stability Falsified
4. Employment history
5. Failed drug test.

Can you be denied a job due to a background check?

Yes, it can. The background check is a part of the hiring process that helps the employer ensure that hired candidate is the right person. It is common in every organization to run a background check before making a final decision on a candidate.

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