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An aptitude test is a psychological test that measures an applicant’s knowledge and skills in a specific area. Many companies include aptitude tests as part of their hiring process. An aptitude test aims to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in problem-solving or reasoning skills.


Different types of aptitude tests

  1. Verbal ability: It aims to determine whether you have the communication skills necessary to perform well in your job.
  2. Numerical test: The numerical ability test measures your ability to perform calculations. It indicates how fast you can perform calculations and how much logical thinking ability you have.
  3. Situational judgment: Situational judgment test is a test that evaluates your response to a variety of scenarios. This test is often used in the workplace to determine how well you would handle various situations in your career or job. It’s also helpful in determining your decision-making flexibility based on different factors.
  4. Cognitive Ability Test: This type of test measures one or more aspects of intelligence, such as the memory, concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving skills of an applicant.
  5. Inductive reasoning: Inductive reasoning is a way to test your ability to find the best solution or hypothesis for an issue.

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