Appraisal Meaning

    An appraisal is an imperative method for evaluating employee performance, and it is a systematic review of employee evaluation based on work progress, development plans, and feedback. Performance results are driven through individual performance assessment methods.

    Different  Methods:

    Self-assessment method:

    Employee Self-assessment is the method of evaluating and reviewing the working period’s strengths, weaknesses and achievements. It is the best way for employee self-evaluation, finding where they could be lacking in the operational competition.

    Peer assessment method:

    Peer Assessment is a structuring process of learning and development for employees to give feedback to each other. It is an open opinion platform about employees and gives feedback to each other during the work assessment. In order to get employee appraisal, peer assessment plays a significant role in the workplace. 

    360-degree feedback:

    360-degree feedback is an effective evaluation method to review employee performance through subordinates, managers, co-workers etc. Thus, employees can get rewards on the criteria of an effective feedback system during working periods.  

    Negotiated method:

    In negotiated appraisal, a mediator facilitates an employee evaluation. Before providing criticisms, the reviewer highlights what the employee is doing well. This type of evaluation is beneficial when there is tension or disagreement between the employee and manager.

    Behaviour-based method: 

    The behaviour-based appraisal are similar to 360-degree feedback. It depends on the employee’s ability to forward the daily work competitive tasks. As per the qualitative task’s insights during the period, an employee will be eligible for promotion or rewards.


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