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An application completion rate is a metric that reflects the percentage of employees who apply to open roles in a company. A higher completion rate shows an employee’s significance to the company and determines how well the company recruits for open positions.

Formula to calculate application completion rate

Application completion rate = Number of submitted applications/Total number of applications.

Importance of application completion rate

Application completion rate is important because it reflects an employee’s commitment and engagement level. Employees who submit applications demonstrate their interest in the job and commitment to doing what is necessary to succeed for the company. If they have a lower rate of completion, this could mean that they are facing issues in completing the application. Some factors that lead to low applicant conversion rates include:

  1. Technical issues with the website
  2. Sensitive questions included
  3. Too lengthy application
  4. Applications that are poorly organized

How to improve applicant completion rate

Ensure that the application form is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Any applicant looks for safety when entering confidential information so take safety measures for a better user experience. When a company has a low applicant rate, even if all measures are taken, using an applicant tracking system can help identify the bottleneck of the issue.

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