What is Agile Management? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

Agile management is a method to manage projects which focus on people, understanding the requirements, interactions among them, and driving value to the company. Unlike traditional management, Agile focuses on adaptive planning, rapid response to change, timeboxing, and delivering working results frequently. It enables teams to quickly, efficiently, and accurately assess the implications of changing requirements.  

The agility comes from the philosophy that you can only know so much about a project in advance, so instead of figuring out every detail early on, it makes sense to build smaller parts of the work project at a time and change course as you learn. As the customer gives feedback on each small piece, it becomes easier for the team to adapt. The result is often faster delivery of higher quality software than traditional methods. 

Most companies are adopting the agile management method to achieve their short-term goals. Agile processes encourage disciplined workforce management that promotes frequent adaptation, inspection, and leadership philosophy: self-organization, teamwork, and accountability.  

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