Who are Agency Recruiters? | Meaning & Definition | Akrivia HCM

Agency recruiters are hired externally or as consultants to find suitable candidates. They are responsible for finding the right fit for the companies; it is more like a service type. Most companies make the contract with them as per the required number of candidates and have the authority to end the contract if it is not fulfilled.

Recruitment is a numbers game for both companies and candidates, and their services help the right people meet the right places. With an ability to respond quickly to the evolving preferences of hiring managers, they can get the best at the correct time. In this role, they help employers by acting as their representatives. They see companies, understand their requirements, and seek out suitable applicants for their job vacancies.

For employers, the main benefit of using a recruitment agency is that they can meet lots of people who want the job, potentially hundreds of people, all interviewed and vetted by the recruiting consultant without having to do any of that themselves. The benefits include more significant contact with your potential employers and unbiased judgment to ensure you get the best fit possible for candidates.

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