6 Recruitment Strategies To Hire Efficiently In 2021

6 Recruitment Strategies To Hire Efficiently In 2021

As the world draws to the second wave of the pandemic, organizations have packed up for the second round of work from home routine. Amid the chaos, organizations are adapting to the ongoing changes to operate effectively and hire efficiently. The conventional multiple rounds of face-to-face interviews are now replaced with rounds of virtual interviews. Thus making the entire recruitment process time-consuming and vigilant. 

The workforce is undergoing a tremendous mental stress because of the ongoing pandemic and is looking to work for organizations with great culture. Therefore, there has been a shift in the way recruiters highlighted their organizations and the job descriptions. Instead of emphasizing on the job roles, salary package, and the benefits, recruiters are now speaking more about their company culture. 

Streamlining the recruitment process is important and using Recruitment Management Software is the need of the hour. In this blog, we list six strategies to hire the right talent effectively.  

Amplifying the candidate experience

The current job market is candidate driven and not organization driven. Organizations no longer select the right candidate, instead, the talent chooses the company to work with. With this shift, recruiters are now expected to portray the organizations at a different angle. Rather than describing the job roles with ‘what do we provide’, the descriptions must be ‘what you get.’

This mindset shift in candidates forced organizations to hire the wrong talent, leading to negative impacts. To avoid all the chaos, begin with framing the right job descriptions. Avoid using incorrect or not suitable words, check the placement of the words, and include emotion. 

Be more compassionate in framing the job descriptions and be as human as possible. 

Hire more remote employees

During and after the pandemic, most organizations are working from home and they will continue to extend the work from home period until the pandemic is dead. Under such circumstances, hiring for employees restricted to certain locations is not a brilliant decision. 

Hire employees who have the right skills and knowledge for a particular job role over their location. When you hire the right talent by understanding their skills, and provide them the flexibility to work from anywhere, you give yourself an opportunity of increased productivity. 

The right talent will always look forward to your organization’s brand when it provides them with Flexi benefits and Compensation. You can hire the right talents and manage the entire recruitment process at your fingertips if you have recruitment management software.

Don’t focus on the resume

Amid the pandemic there were many employees who upskilled their knowledge, but do not have significant experiences. And these applicants are no less than the experts. Organizations that are rigid and focus more on the experiences of the resume may lose the opportunity to hire the right talent. 

Be as dynamic as possible, look beyond the resume details, look for the optimistic personalities. 

A talent is not only ‘right’ when he/she is equipped with the knowledge, but the candidate is also ‘right’ when they bring in the positive attitude towards learning. 

Focus more on the company’s culture

Employer branding is a hot term these days, and organizations with a great branding tend to receive 50% more qualified applications. This also saves your recruiters from the hassle of contacting multiple applicants and the hiring budget. 

Organizations with a positive branding is looked upon by the employees, and inspire them to apply for the open positions. At times, the chances of winning referrals become higher for such organizations. 

Bring in spotlight all the positive culture from the organization onto the virtual hiring platforms and showcase the benefits to gain popularity. Gradually, you will create a pool of employees who will love your brand, and look forward to working with you over the bigger and established brands. 

Be on social media

Social media is not only for influencers or coaches. Social media is for every business who wants to grow, reach the target audience, and flourish their brand. Social media is a great way to showcase your company’s culture. Recruiters, managers, and senior officials can share the happy moments working with the organization. 

Social media amplifies your branding efforts, helps to reach the potential candidates, and create a positive approach about your brand to the entire world. It is also important that the right type of content is shared on different platforms. 

As organizations were using LinkedIn for years, employees are slowly starting to build an organization’s brand on Facebook and Instagram. But the type of content posted on the respective platforms differs.

Leverage HR tech

Technology over the years has surely amplified the recruitment process. With Applicant Tracking System(ATS), recruiters can swiftly move the employee data to the cloud and conduct sessions involving the leadership and management to extract rich information about the hiring process. 

ATS helps the recruiters in making better-informed decisions using data and analytics, and helps the organization focus more on the sourcing channels to attract more of the right talents. 


These are a few of the strategies making its round during the pandemic, but they are prone to multiple changes over the years, in fact, months. As organizations and recruiters are leveraging these evolved ways of attracting the right talent, it is important that they remain on their toes to further evolve and come up with more unique ideas. 

Your hiring process can only rightly attract the right talent when you change your processes with the changing world. 

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