12 Ways to celebrate Diwali at Office for Boosting Employee Engagement

Festivals are always great when it comes to engaging your employees, and Diwali definitely tops the chart! It gives you the perfect reason to bring all your people together and turn the planning & celebration into a fun-loaded engagement activity for them. Involving your employees from the planning stage itself is a great exercise for capturing their interest and developing a sense of belonging.

Diwali Celebration ideas for Employee Engagement

To ensure HRs don’t have to do all the heavy lifting, here are some super-easy ideas to add some sparkle to your Diwali celebrations.

Potluck Luncheon: Unpack boxes for a hearty lunch at the table over stories and laughter.


Treasure Hunt: Make your team run all around the office building ultimately to find the best Diwali they can ever get.

Mini Picnic: Pick a farmhouse this Diwali and go on day’s picnic with your employees making a memory of a lifetime.


Theme Parties: Bid goodbye to workplace attires and pick a suitable theme for a fancy or traditional attire day, this Diwali.

Talent Show: Find what else your employees are good at other than their respective day jobs by arranging a talent show at the office.


Tickets to the Movies: Pick a movie and plan a day to the movies for all your office buddies, this Diwali.

Book a Show: Book a band or a stand-up comic performer for a thrilling and laughter-filled evening for your employees.


Bring your family to office day: Let your employees bring their loved ones to the office for a fun filled celebration. As they say, the more the merrier!

Sustainable Diwali: Plan a green & clean Diwali with activities like rangoli and diya painting competition.


Gifts Exchange: Arrange for a Diwali themed Secret Santa and find out who the office best friends are.

Music & Dance: Find out the hidden artists among your employees and make way for a musical day at the office.

Pictionary: Find out who’s the best at the guessing game with a Diwali themed Pictionary contest.


So now that you already have a list of ideas with you, just go ahead and make plans for an amazing office Diwali celebration. Take this as an opportunity to connect with your employees on a personal level and build relationships beyond work.

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