Decode the Future of Work with People Analytics: Key Trends, Challenges and Solutions


Enterprises across sectors are preparing for a future of work filled with challenges. However, within these disruptions lie numerous prospects for growth and innovation that can result in substantial transformations. As businesses venture into digital realms, possessing accurate data insights to steer both your business and human resources strategy becomes indispensable in adapting to this transformation.

In this exclusive webinar hosted by Akrivia HCM, People Matters unites industry experts to explore various aspects of people analytics, including:

  • The importance of people analytics in strategic decision-making
  • How to leverage people analytics for better talent management and business growth
  • How to initiate and strengthen a data-driven work culture
  • Pitfalls to avoid before embarking on the people analytics journey

Panel Members

Arun Paul

Head of Human Resources ,
Orion Innovation

Madhu Subramani

Senior General Manager -HR & Admin,
Bridgestone India

N S Sethumadhavan

Implementation Manager,
Akrivia HCM

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