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Transition from outdated paperwork to a modern and efficient system.


Track expenditures for your organization

Move past manual methods of saving receipts or utilizing corporate credit cards for official transactions. Keep up-to-date with our expense tracking solution to monitor your business expenses and reimbursements. Take advantage of customizable fields and automatic receipt scanning to capture data.

Monitor and Document Travel Distance Expenses

Our online platform simplifies overseeing your organization's pool of company cars and related costs, including fuel and repairs. Managing employee expenses is now effortless. Seamlessly document, monitor, and customize mileage rates for various vehicles.

Arrangement to Allocate Daily Allowances

Administering corporate travel expenditures has always been complex. Add a destination in only two steps and instantly monitor mileage or other expenses. Receive immediate, comprehensive reports with customizable filters to enhance your budgeting and planning procedures.

Generate and Connect Spending Guidelines

Establish spending policies for a team of staff members, customizing specific regulations and breaches in the process, as per the organization's requirements, using our expense management platform.

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Expense Policies

It facilitates employees to appeal for reimbursements or other demands in accordance with the linked corporate guidelines.

Unified with Payroll

Upon approval, it's effortless to reimburse employee expense claims in conjunction with payroll.

Approval Requests

Configure distinct expense user roles, controlling who can access, approve, and reimburse expense claims for specific employees.

Reports and Analytics

The tailored expense reports with different categories enable giving specific reports.

Consolidated Expense Reports

This feature allows for aggregating various expenses into a single report, simplifying the submission and approval process.

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