Goodbyes do not always have to be hard!

Minimize exit impact and create a flawless offboarding experience with our product.


Creating a Hassle-Free offboarding Process For an Ex-Employee

Our employee off-boarding software creates a smooth offboarding process for employees. This allows employees to apply for resignations online (OTP authentication), receive approval, conduct an exit survey, complete the tasks, and quickly receive exit-related documents. It provides an easy transition for both exit employees and the company.

Steps in the Offboarding Process

An exiting employee who wants to exit the organization goes through the following steps before they are marked exited from the system:

  • Resignation form
  • Approval
  • Initiation of the process
  • Letter generation
  • A full and final settlement
Our off-boarding software simplifies your work so much that you can move an employee from one offboarding stage to another with the tap of a button.

Tracking the Offboarding Process

Our automated dashboard is agile and allows you complete visibility to easily track the status of the exit process using our system.

Exit Survey

Enables collection of valuable insights while the employee is biding adiue to the organization. This helps in fair and true review to supporting organizational plans of growth.

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Config Exit/Termination Reasons

Config all applicable exit reasons and organization policy for each of the exit types.

Config Approval Flows

Create multiple levels to approval flow for the resignation.

Create & Assign Tasks

Create multiple offboarding tasks and assign task owners. Assign tasks to offboarding requests as per the applicability.

Exit Checklist

Equip the HR department to keep track of pending tasks and ensure that all procedural tasks are addressed before generating full-and-final statements and relieving letters.

Configurable Survey

Retirement surveys help the HR gain knowledge about the employee's experience, opinions and insights to be incorporated in further changes.

Extend Retirement

Auto extend or prepone retirements based on the needs for a specific group of employees anytime.

Cancellation of Exit Request

Employee has a feasibility to request for cancellation of resignation.

Full & Final Settlement

Make settlement smooth by ensuring all details are taken care in terms of finances and other aspects.

Payroll Integration

Due calculations and final settlement processing with the payroll team for a flawless process.

Cancellation of Exit Request

Generate exit related documents, Download and print Digital certificates for hassle-free release process.

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