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Time off Management Made Easy!

Enterprise-ready leave management system for the most complex of policies.

Process to apply for comp off in Malaysia

Leave Management Configured to Suit Your Organization’s Needs

Set leave policies as per your needs and work culture. Configure individual rules, approval flows, accrual frequency, and balance carryovers to benefit your employees.
Status of leaves taken by employees in Malaysia

Appropriate Leave Planning

Check the availability of your entire team on a single dashboard. Employees are allowed to see the members on their team who are on leave from any devices helping them schedule their team meetings, manage projects, and plan resources with our leave management system.
Dashboard of leave history of an employee in Malaysia

Complete Leave History

Easily manage leave information for your team with our leave management software. Access complete details of leave history—credited, utilized, pending, encashed, approved, and rejected leaves.
Dashboard of holiday structure in Malaysia

Configure Thoughtful Holiday Structures

Configure leaves with transparency and uniformity. Create policies based on every region, shift, and allocate fixed and optional holidays, which employees can avail based on their requirements.

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Ensure Compliance

Compliance is ensured, and leave requests are checked against set policies to enforce minimum balances.

Accruals and Carryovers

Instant access to leave accruals for the entire team right at your fingertips. The feature enables automatic carryovers in accordance with your organization's defined policy. 

Configurable Approvals

Configure leave approval according to your workflow and as per the organization's standards with a customizable approval process.

Mobile App

Raise and approve leaves and let the employee manage their requests anytime, anywhere, using a computer, tablet, or mobile device.


With this feature, you can now have a complete idea, view trends, and gain insights on the leaves of your employees very effectively with nothing more than just the click of a button.

Synchronizing with Payroll

The data captured in leave management synchronizes instantly with payroll.

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