Cover Letter

    The cover letter is the exact place to introduce your application by demonstrating your value and opening the door for a personal connection. A well-written cover letter will present more than just information about previous jobs; it will have a voice that demonstrates to employers that you can be a productive member of the company. An engaging voice can show how the applicant intends to perform their job, including how they will contribute to their team and plan to handle specific situations.

    A cover letter contains many of the same elements as a job application; employers use it to judge an applicant’s writing skills and to assess their ability to be clear and professional in the written word. Proofreading is essential, making sure there are no errors before sending your letter. While employers want to see that you take the position seriously, they also want to portray your experience and qualifications accurately. A cover letter aims to convey to a company the relevance of your skills to the open position and to get you noticed. While a cover letter can be written with creativity and personality, it should be business-like in appearance. A cover letter consists of three parts: an opening paragraph stating the applicant’s interest and relevant qualifications; the main content body that highlights past experiences and accomplishments; and a closing paragraph asking for an interview.

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