Conflict management

    Conflict management is an organizational process of solving conflicts or the negative situations that are happening in the workplace while making employee engagement more healthier . Managing conflict aims to promote learning in a safe and supportive environment, lead to decisions that improve the situation, enhance group cohesiveness, maintain trusting relationships, and improve the effectiveness or performance of groups.

    Steps to resolve a conflict:

    Discuss and find the source of the conflict:

    By talking about issues as soon as possible, employees can remove a big source of stress from their jobs and prevent more severe problems from occurring.


    Make way for Positive Discussion:

    To ensure a positive conversation, start by explaining that you are aware of the issue and want to hear each person’s point of view.


    Encourage Open Dialogue:

    Begin by asking questions that encourage open dialogue, such as, “How has this affected your work?” It’s important in these talks to avoid interrupting other people or putting words in their mouths.


    Seek agreements from the parties:

    When the discussion becomes heated, stop and ask each person to say how they think the process should work or what they need to do for their jobs. Then restate their words in your own words and seek agreement on a plan to resolve the problem.

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