Code of Conduct

    Companies are encouraged to adopt this document as part of their overall corporate culture because it provides important guidelines about how they should treat each other to build trust and mutual respect among colleagues. It also acts as an essential reminder that everyone has responsibilities towards one another to maintain healthy work cultures.

    Companies must have a company code of conduct to be legally recognized as a company. The company code of conduct should be reviewed yearly by the company’s chief executive officer, senior managers, and the board of directors. A company code of conduct aims to protect corporate interests from external scrutiny and abuse while protecting employees’ rights and freedoms.

    The introductory provisions include the following:
    1) Not making false statements about work performance;
    2) Not using deceptive or misleading language in work communication;
    3) Not engaging in acts or practices that are likely to damage or destroy business relationships;
    4) Not failing to exercise reasonable care when handling confidential information;
    5) Taking reasonable steps not to harm or interfere with legitimate trade relations;
    6) Taking reasonable measures not to disrupt lawful business transactions;
    7) Being open, honest, and direct in discussing matters of mutual concern.

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