Candidate Persona

    A candidate persona is a human resource recruiter’s representation of the ideal person they are looking to fill a particular job vacancy. Candidate personas allow a recruiter to make better decisions about where to spend their resources and help them in attracting applicants that best align with their company’s needs.

    Benefits of candidate persona:

    • Attracting the potential candidates for the job.
    • Improvement in the marketing of recruitment people.
    • Build a good image of the brand.
    • Create better employee satisfaction.
    • Saves time to hire the best candidates.
    • It engages better candidates.

    A documented candidate persona strategy not only engages recruiters in the process of creating personas but also improves recruiting efforts. It helps with the following:

    • Writing the duties and responsibilities of a position.
    • Outlining requirements and qualifications have been in a job description.
    • Identifying passive candidates.
    • Establishing a company’s reputation as an employer.
    • Hiring-process length.
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