Appraisal System

    Appraisal System is a major tool to measure employees’ performance. It is a great way to provide regular, formal employee performance reviews, progress, and development plans. They can drive high performance, enable career progression and promote skill development through ongoing feedback and support.

    Types of appraisals

    Here are five types of appraisals:

    • Self-assessment based
    • Peer assessment
    • 360 Feedback
    • Negotiated appraisal
    • Behavior-based appraisal

    Primary functions of appraisal system

    An effective performance appraisal should be used for three primary functions:

    • It should help the employee understand their role in the organization.
    • It should serve as a basis for rewarding individual performance.
    • It should document issues that require follow-up.

    Features of appraisal system

    Performance appraisal software saves both managers’ and employees’ time by automating the process and providing a platform for the continuous collection of employee feedback.

    Some essential features that should be included in a good appraisal system:

    • End-to-end performance review: Performance management software should let managers track goals, rate employee performance, and give real-time performance feedback.
    • Appraisal on the go: Performance appraisal software makes it easy to schedule performance reviews and track employee progress. Cloud-based software allows you to access the software from anywhere, anytime.
    • Other HR tools integration: Performance management systems should be able to integrate with other HR apps such as employee “onboarding,” payroll, performance feedback, and “off-boarding.”
    • In-depth evaluation: Get a 360-degree view of employee performance and increase engagement by setting up a team widely and feedback on time.
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