Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

    Applicant Tracking System is an affordable, cloud-based application that administrations can access, managers, and employees can access anytime and anywhere via the internet with their computer or mobile device. This software allows employers to access information about potential candidates, including names, demographic data, educational qualifications, employment history, and availability.   

    ATS improves efficiency by allowing recruiters to examine many candidates fast without sacrificing quality, as they can immediately assess top talents and keywords missing from each CV. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are computerized software tools that assist hiring managers, and recruiters locate individuals who fit job specifications. 

    The Applicant Tracking System helps companies organize, track and manage professional job applications. Upload resumes or use the system’s database of information to source and create a database of candidates. Search by location, skills, or keyword to find potential workers with just a few clicks. 

    Why is an applicant tracking system (ATS) used in recruitment?

    Applicant Tracking System is an application used within a company’s recruitment efforts. The ATS works to simplify how potential candidates apply for a job. It allows the employer to automatically capture and store resume information, contact and track candidates through the recruiting process, select appropriate candidates for interviews and manage applicants throughout the entire process.

    What are applicant tracking systems looking for?

    The Applicant tracking systems are automated software tools that help to hire managers and recruiters to find candidates who meet the job requirements. These systems examine a candidate’s qualifications and compare them to the desired skill-set outlined in the job posting. ATS enhances efficiency by allowing recruiters to quickly evaluate a large number of candidates without compromising quality, as they can quickly assess top skills and keywords missing from each resume.

    What are the advantages of an applicant tracking system?

    The advantages of ATS are:

    • Speeds up end to end recruitment
    • Elevates the overall candidate experience
    • Improves the quality of hires
    • Allows one-click job posting to multiple platforms
    • Offers seamless interview scheduling
    • Boosts the employer brand

    What is applicant tracking software?

    Applicant tracking software is a tool that streamlines your hiring process by automating the capture and assessment of candidates. It’s a way to organize and manage the entire recruitment process while helping you stay compliant with government regulations.

    Who would benefit from an applicant tracking system?

    Companies of all sizes use applicant tracking systems to manage the hiring process by centralizing applicant activity. Recruiters and hiring managers can search for candidate information, review application materials, and communicate quickly, accurately, and efficiently with large applicants.

    What is the difference between applicant tracking and recruiting software?

    Applicant tracking and recruiting software both help automate the process of candidate acquisition. However, recruiting software also allows recruiters to send job listings, save candidates’ profiles, and connect with candidates via the internet, in addition to placing them into applicant tracking systems (ATS).

    What are the most important features of applicant tracking systems?

    The Features of ATS are:
    1. Career page hosting
    2. Job distribution
    3. Receiving and sorting applications
    4. Resume storage
    5. Collaborating with teammates
    6. Messaging and interview schedulers
    7. Onboarding tools
    8. Social sharing

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