Applicant Completion Rate

    This indicator determines how many candidates who begin an application for an open position at your organisation complete it and submit it for review.
    The pros and cons of calculating application completion rate are:
    Finding the best people is tough, they must ensure that there are no avoidable drop-offs. Employers must consider the total user experience when creating an online application. Limiting the amount of useless data fields and ensuring that the application is mobile-friendly are just a few examples of techniques to boost application yield.
    Cons: Putting too much emphasis on the application completion rate will simply draw attention away from the quality of the applications received. Not only do you want to enhance the completion rate, but you also want to attract the best individuals. A large number of unsuitable applications will likely raise the effort of the team and lengthen the time it takes to fill positions.

    It may also be difficult to set up methods to collect this data.

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