The Abilene Paradox explains why groups often, even unintentionally, make bad decisions. It reveals why some decision-making processes within organizations contribute to failure, and it shows how the inappropriate pursuit of consensus can kill a company’s capacity to learn. The Abilene Paradox is the result of a misunderstanding and misperception of others.   

He offers solid techniques for effective decision-making in groups and organizations. It will change how you think about management—and how you can manage the managers you work with. He dismantles the root causes of groupthink, explains why disagreement and debate are essential in fostering innovation, and teaches the art of clearly aligning goals with individual performance to maximize productivity.   

The Abilene Paradox introduces the concept that generally well-intentioned people, who can develop high levels of consensus and agreement in their group, may nonetheless reach a collective decision that individually none of the organization members would have agreed to or agreed to support. 

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