Future of People Analytics 2023: Key Trends and Insights

The HR Tech revolution has been brewing for long but it continues to change shape and form. With SkyQuest predicting global HR Tech to be valued at $35.68 billion by 2028, organisations will witness increasing involvement of data-driven analytics and predictive analysis to identify growth opportunities and make strategic decisions. People analytics indeed will rise to play an even more prominent role as a catalyst of change across HR processes.

In these exciting times, it becomes imperative for organisations to keep a pulse on how data insights and new-age technologies will impact business growth. For C-Suite and HR Leaders especially, investing in the right HR tech solutions will be vital in designing resilient business models and unlocking the potential of your people for the future of work.

To support you on this journey of continuous growth with data insights, we bring you this informative guidebook in partnership with Akrivia HCM. Backed by an India-wide pulse survey and with key takeaways from pioneering HR leaders across India, this resource specially curated for you will delve into:

  • How people analytics is critical to building a digitally empowered enterprise
  • Strategically leveraging data insights for superior employee experience and succession planning
  • Best practices to strengthen your organisational data culture
  • Building agile and resilient businesses with people analytics
  • Critical insights from HR Heads of leading companies such as Canon, JLL, Bajaj Energy, Ericsson, Larsen&Toubro and many more!

If you’re looking to level up your organisation with data-driven insights, then this guidebook is for you. Download now and get started on your transformation journey!


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