Streamlining HR Operations: A Guide to Harnessing HRMS Software for Automated HR Tasks

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Recent studies have indicated that approximately 25% of capital spending will be allocated to automated systems within the next five years. Among the areas in which automation plays a pivotal role is human resources.

Considering that HR departments across the globe are entrusted with a myriad of critical responsibilities, ranging from recruitment to payroll to attendance management, operational efficiency is of paramount importance. HR automation has made significant strides in recent times, revolutionizing how businesses oversee their most valuable asset: their employees.

The Importance of HR Automation

The genesis of HR automation can be traced back to the abundance of paperwork and time-intensive procedures that traditionally have been linked to HR tasks. HR professionals frequently discover themselves dedicating more time to administrative duties rather than harnessing their invaluable expertise. In order to surmount these challenges, organizations are progressively turning to HR automation as the remedy.

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HR Automation involves using software to digitize and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. By automating core processes, HR professionals can redirect their efforts toward more strategic and value-adding endeavors.

Advantages of HR Automation

Investing in HR automation yields numerous benefits that can significantly enhance an organization’s performance.

  1. Increased Efficiency

    Manual, document-driven HR processes are often time-consuming and inefficient. According to research by Ernst & Young, performing a single manual entry of HR data without self-service technology results in an average estimated cost of $4.70. HR automation digitizes and streamlines processes, significantly increasing productivity and efficiency. This enables HR personnel to focus on essential competencies, such as building a strong company culture, implementing effective people practices, and enhancing communication.

  2. Fewer Human Errors

    Manual completion of tasks like payroll and timesheets is susceptible to human error. HR automation minimizes the potential for errors, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability.

  3. More Actionable Insights

    HR automation facilitates data tracking, collection, and analysis, providing organizations with valuable insights. These insights can be used to identify patterns, generate reports, and enhance existing processes, resulting in improved efficiency and performance.

  4. Enhanced Communication

    HR automation offers a clear overview of all processes and stages involved, fostering better communication and teamwork among employees.

  5. Improved Candidate & Employee Experience

    By relieving HR staff from administrative burdens, automation enhances the candidate experience during the hiring process. Additionally, employees also benefit from self-service options, such as quicker leave requests and access to their benefits, contributing to a positive employee experience.

  6. Reduced Costs

    Automation reduces the overall reliance on paper-based documentation, leading to cost savings related to printing, storage, and retrieval.

Automating Key HR Processes

While we talk about the potential for automation, it’s essential to understand the specific processes that can benefit from automation. One software platform that stands out for its comprehensive HR tools and automation capabilities is Akrivia HCM.

This advanced solution offers a plethora of features designed specially to streamline and optimize HR processes. Let’s delve into some of the key HR processes that can greatly benefit from automation and explore how Akrivia HCM’s robust tools address these needs.

Employee Management

Employee management is a critical HR task as it involves the effective oversight, support, and development of the workforce to ensure productivity. A well-executed employee management process fosters a positive work environment, enhances employee satisfaction, and contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Akrivia HCM’s cloud-based unified employee management interface provides a seamless and efficient means of managing all employee data. From storing and tracking information to streamlining processes, the platform enables easy access to employee data from anywhere, at any time. It also ensures seamless data integration, eliminating data duplication for a flawless user experience. Moreover, the platform provides employees with controlled access to a self-service portal, enhancing their engagement and autonomy within the organization.

Recruitment Management

Acquiring the best talent is critical for an organization’s success. By selecting the right candidates, recruitment management directly impacts the overall productivity and performance of the organization.

Akrivia HCM’s recruitment management software simplifies and streamlines the entire recruitment lifecycle. Leveraging AI-powered tools, the platform skims through thousands of resumes, ranks candidates, schedules intelligent interviews, and generates bulk offers. This helps attract and retain the best-fit candidates, ensuring an exceptional hiring and onboarding experience. The software also easily facilitates posting job vacancies on multiple job boards while effectively marketing them with the organization’s brand, mission, and values to attract candidates directly.

Employee Engagement

Engaging employees stands as a pivotal driver of productivity and retention. Akrivia HCM’s employee engagement software empowers HR to effectively measure, engage, and cultivate employee experiences. Through confidential one-on-one dialogues with employees, areas for improvement can be discerned, leading to the formulation of action plans aimed at nurturing a people-first culture within the organization.

This software encourages the frequent collection of feedback from employees, intensifying engagement and facilitating the creation of personalized reports based on their responses. By assessing employee work objectives, in-office hours, and goal accomplishments, HR gains invaluable insights into performance levels.

Leave Management

Efficiently managing employee leaves remains paramount for larger enterprises. Leave management constitutes a critical HR responsibility, ensuring a well-balanced and rested workforce, thus advancing employee well-being.

With Akrivia HCM, leave management becomes a seamless task, offering an array of leave policy configurations to ensure alignment with organizational requirements. The platform empowers HR to establish leave policies harmonizing with the organization’s work ethos, customize individual regulations, approval workflows, accrual frequencies, and balance carryovers for the benefit of employees. Moreover, both HR and employees access a centralized dashboard showcasing the entire team’s leave status, thereby facilitating the effective scheduling of team meetings, project management, and resource planning.


The offboarding process is often overlooked, yet it plays a critical role in shaping departing employees’ perceptions of the organization. When managed effectively, offboarding leaves a positive impression on employees even as they exit the organization.

However, manual offboarding can be a time-consuming task. With Akrivia HCM’s offboarding module, the the entire process is automated—from capturing offboarding requests to completing full and final settlements.

This seamless transition benefits not only departing employees but also helps the company maintain a positive employer brand. Through an automated dashboard providing complete visibility, HR can effortlessly track the status of the offboarding process and gather valuable insights through exit surveys. The software also facilitates fair and genuine reviews, supporting the organization’s growth plans.

Learning and Development

In a rapidly changing business environment, equipping the workforce with relevant skills is paramount. Akrivia HCM’s learning and development software allows HR to create, manage, publish, track, and analyze training programs, enabling employees to acquire proficiency in various skills and competencies.

The platform fosters a continuous learning environment by designing practical training that directly applies to the workplace. Employees have the opportunity to explore new mindsets, behaviors, and learning methods beyond mere upskilling. The software’s user-friendly interface allows flexible content tailoring to enhance the learning experience for all employees.

Time & Attendance Management

Achieving the optimal balance between flexibility, stability, and predictability in establishing a productive workforce is of paramount importance.

Through a robust time and attendance management system, Akrivia HCM replaces manual spreadsheet-based processes with a seamless and efficient experience for the workforce. The cloud-based attendance tracking system, integrated with various devices, empowers HR to control, monitor, view, and update multiple data points on a single screen. Attendance tracking via biometrics and mobile devices, along with options for geo-tagging and geo-fencing, ensures accuracy and efficiency. Seamless integration with the payroll module enables real-time data synchronization for timely payroll processing, while automated arrears payment adheres to organizational policies without requiring manual intervention.

Performance Management

Aligning employee performance with organizational objectives is pivotal in attaining business goals. Akrivia HCM’s comprehensive continuous performance management system facilitates the establishment of transparent performance management processes. With features like goal alignment, 360 degree feedback, one-on-one meetings, and check-ins, the software nurtures a performance-driven culture within the organization. The platform empowers HR to set and monitor goals, evaluate performance, and cultivate high-performing teams. The performance management module inspires the workforce, enhances employee performance, and fosters team engagement, all contributing to organizational success.

Rewards and Recognition

Recognizing and celebrating employees’ contributions are fundamental to fostering a united and motivated team. Akrivia HCM’s rewards and recognition module nurtures a culture of appreciation across all stages of employee engagement.

By enhancing employee visibility and delivering results, the module aids in retaining top talent and enhancing overall business outcomes. HR can design recognition programs tailored to the organization’s distinct needs and employee preferences.

Payroll Management

Efficient payroll processing stands as one of the most critical HR tasks for maintaining compliance with labor laws, tax regulations, and statutory requirements, thus mitigating legal risks. Akrivia HCM’s payroll management software streamlines the entire payroll process by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

The platform seamlessly integrates with other modules, including time and attendance, expense management, leave management, and onboarding/off-boarding. This integration enhances overall HR efficiency by offering a comprehensive solution for HR operations. The software automates backend processes, eliminating procedural complexities in payroll management. Akrivia HCM also ensures compliance with statutory obligations and legal amendments, generating necessary deductions, preparing remittance reports, and automatically calculating applicable taxes based on employees’ declarations and submitted proofs.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, HR automation stands as a game-changer for organizations striving to optimize HR processes and enhance overall efficiency and productivity. Software solutions like Akrivia HCM provide a robust suite of HR tools that assist businesses in automating vital HR functions, thereby liberating their HR teams to concentrate on strategic initiatives and employee development.

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