Remote hiring tips amidst the pandemic

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Just when you were gearing up for hiring resources to meet the organizational goal, the whole world went sideways. Sourcing and hiring the right candidate have always been a challenging task, and now with the pandemic and social distancing becoming the new normal, everything looks haze. Amidst all this chaos, how do you stay focused on your business goals and hire the right candidate?

The answer is: You adapt. We adapt.

We adapt to the changing times to fit the circumstances. And you’re not alone. The whole world is adapting to this new normal. We are grateful that we are living in 2020 and we have made an enormous advancement in technology. It is now time to adapt and embrace the new technologies available to us to adjust our sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing processes.

Amidst these unprecedented times when we are unsure about the future, one thing we all will agree to — remote working is going to be the way forward for businesses. So as a recruiter, you must adapt to remote hiring and make yourself market-ready. Here are some useful remote hiring tips that you will find helpful not just now, but for years to come.

Leverage social media for finding the right talent

Remote hiring means you have access to a vast talent pool irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Leverage professional networking sites like LinkedIn and other social media platforms to tap the right talent. Make yourself familiar with the LinkedIn Advanced Search tool to find the best talent through skill match and keyword search.

Chatbots and AI for initial screening

Now is the time to make a digital transformation of your entire hiring process if you have not done it already. Recruitment management system with AI and chat-bots are a great way to do initial rounds of screening and fasten the hiring process. Based on the job requirements, a chat-bot can interact with the candidates to ensure only the right candidates progress to the next round.

Guide the candidates before conducting the interview

While you gear up for remote hiring, make sure the candidate you are going to interview is also familiar with the setup. Prepare a checklist document and share it with the candidate to facilitate the entire remote hiring process. It is important to make the candidate feel comfortable and bring out the best during the interview process. This also allows you to promote your employer brand. Instruct the candidate to download the necessary application before the interview. Communicate the entire remote hiring procedure that is followed in the organization.

Spend time on assessing the candidate’s skill

You must assess the candidate’s skill well to make your hiring right at the first go. And so, it gets more crucial when you are assessing the person remotely. Not just the technical skills that matter, but it is also important to understand the person’s attitude, communication skills, and commitment as these are extremely important in remote working. Make collaborative hiring your priority by getting the entire team involved in the interviewing process. Future teammates will be able to assess if the remote hire will be a good fit to the team culturally apart from assessing the technical skills.

Work on the remote onboarding process

As part of your remote hiring process, you need to pay extra attention to the onboarding process. You need to make sure that although you won’t be meeting the new candidates in person, you need to ensure that they are heard and cared for. The transition should be made as smooth as possible. To do so, start working on an employee handbook. A well-written employee handbook should be able to streamline your hiring process and the new hires should be excited to know what’s in it for them. E-introduce the whole team with the new hire through online communication tools like Slack or Teams.

GenZ loves to interact digitally and prefers working with cutting edge technologies. Even when the pandemic is over, following these remote hiring tips will help you to outperform your competitors in terms of hiring the best talent.

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