How to enhance employee engagement with a performance management system?

How to enhance employee engagement with a performance management system?

Human resources leaders today face pressing issues when it involves balancing organizational priorities and successfully leading and supporting their workforce.

Bersin by Deloitte’s 2017 predictions for HR notes that organizational design is going to be challenged and more focus is going to be placed on “human performance”. In addition, Bersin by Deloitte’s predictions highlight that employee well-being will become a critical part of HR, talent, and leadership. This represents a shift within the employer-employee relationship. It’s all about understanding your employee expectations and balancing those expectations from the employer’s perspective.

It’s not yet clear what this suggests for businesses across the globe, but what we do know is organizations have to be proactive, flexible, and innovative to meet the requirements of their employees. To try to do this, business leaders must consider a shift from the normal organizational mindset of “What can we get out of our employees?” to “How can we help our employees succeed, so successively our company can achieve its goals?”

At the heart of this mindset shift is great leadership – an area that enterprises can’t miss to focus on. Therefore the key to improving how we support employee performance lies with leaders.

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Why use a Performance Management System?

A recent Gallup poll revealed that around 87% of employees aren’t engaged within the work they are doing every day, and this features a direct impact on a company’s bottom line to enhance engagement over time. Enterprises are shifting toward a new way of managing the performance of their workforce. Through performance management software, improving engagement across a corporation large or small may be a real possibility. 

A dedicated performance management system with an employee-centric interface helps to foresee the insightful data and analytics to build an engaged and driven culture for your company. Here’s how performance management software lends a hand within the engagement arena.

How Performance Management Software helps in Employee Engagement  

Effective and Timely Feedback

Employees who receive regular feedback and recognition for work well done are more likely to be highly engaged. However, traditional systems don’t deliver actionable feedback consistently, or at the time employees truly need it. A 360-degree feedback system helps mitigate this issue, pushing management to acknowledge employees when it matters most. This is often because performance management systems seamlessly facilitate feedback through a digital platform, no matter the time or place, and that they leave employees to review the knowledge in real-time.

Performance management software also allows other employees to offer credit to their peers. All those details are often used for performance appraisals and evaluations over time which creates a more informed and ultimately, a more engaged workforce.

Professional and Personal Development

Many companies notice employees lacking in engagement because they do not feel the need for a transparent or achievable path toward career advancement. Recent studies show that employees need professional and private development opportunities offered as a benefit through their employer. Some companies utilize career enhancement software that integrates with performance management tools to assist solve this common problem.

These tools give employees a way to map career scenarios supporting current competencies and skills. Through this function, workers even have the power to ascertain which skills they must develop or master to manoeuvre toward their career goals. Additionally, managers can quickly review what competencies are lacking or thriving, and using this information to strike more meaningful conversations with employees. The mixture of professional development available through career pathing synchronised with a performance management solution can make all the difference in increasing engagement.

Transparency for Employees and Management

 Management teams who utilize performance management solutions can provide real-time feedback and recognition on a public platform.

Similarly, employees can easily review their achievements alongside the talents, competencies, or goals they have to continue working towards.

These features not only allow employee autonomy, but they also leave greater accountability throughout a corporation. This level of transparency creates an area for workers and managers to work together more collaboratively.

Goal Alignment

Often employees of an outsized organization don’t have a transparent idea of how their tasks contribute toward the broad objectives of the corporation. Either thanks to lack of communication, unclear corporate and individual goals, or a missing connection between employee and company objectives can create this type of disengagement among workers. Performance management software gives managers a platform for both defining and sharing company-level objectives and monitoring their progress over time. When employees have the chance to learn where the organization is headed clearly, they will use this information to make and work toward individual goals that have a real impact, all within a performance management system.

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Final Thoughts

When Leaders are building organizations, it’s essential to check whether both organizational performance and employee engagement are thriving or not. A focus on developing and supporting effective strategies for managing performance is an essential component to it.

Research shows, it’s important to be highly intentional and take under consideration clear role expectations, well-defined work goals, and a strategy for receiving and providing ongoing employee feedback. Leaders that enable strong partnerships between HR and management benefit the most.

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